On-week Netflix Nut 8/12-8/18

Real quick this time around. Only got one movie watched but I liked it, maybe you will too:

Stuck In Love – Aha! Not a brutalizing action movie this time around. Figured I’d branch out to a family drama. Turns out this one, like many others these days, shot for the Indie feel with a larger budget. The very first shot is of the word ‘Irony’. And well…it sort of explained the feel I had for the first bit. When the main actors began speaking, the ticker-tack of a typewriter and their words written in a personalized font queued up next to their head. They went FULL INDIE. You’ve got all your classic character tropes. Bumbling, divorced Dad who still thinks he can get back in with his dad. Brooding Mom who hates her relationship with her daughter. College daughter who’s a cynic, jaded by the world. High school son who wants to see more of life. It’s an ok movie but I think it hit my brain a bit more considering this dad has raised his children to be writers…like from conception they’ve been trained to be penmonkeys. The dad’s a full-time writer, the daughter’s just published her first book (At 19 too! Take that you lazy 24 year old Micah), and the son is a wannabe poet and writer. Sadly, it’s not a great character development tool; no one comes to a grand change like ‘being a writer is not for me’ like I expected, but it’s the background noise for the drama.

All in all, good. I recommend it. Also, Kristen Bell is in it for any of you readers with a Pavlovian response to her name/face.

At the very least! Thanks for reading.


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